About Serrano Design

Welcome to my Portfolio Website.

My name is Inaki Serrano and here I present to you my greatest achievements in my design history.

I've always been an avid fan of design ever since the day I could draw. I've always known to have an inclination to design when I won my first design award on logo design for a school event back in high school. I have more awareness of how shapes, color and arrangement of things form together than anybody else around me. To make our world a better place in terms of design was my life-long drive.

I started as a graphic designer major in college. From there, developing my design skills took off and never stopped. After graduating and being in a couple of design jobs, I realize not only do trends come and go, but technology slowly creep in as a major design element for me. I started dabbling into web design, where design meets web coding in a harmonious form of art. My moment with web design was right on schedule as E-Commerce websites (or online web stores) rise as a cost-effective alternative to business owners.

From there on, web design never ceased to amaze me as web technology continues to evolve. Suddenly, my designs transformed from flat colors and layout to internet spaces where people could interact and purchase desired goods or services. Of course, the success of these so-called E-Commerce websites rely on good and attractive design.

From time to time, artists usually try to reinvent themselves to stay inspired and creative. I asked myself what if my design can convey its message through movement? This newfound curiosity led me to studying motion graphics. Animation of text and shapes, in addition to video and sound, became my new favorite tools in my design arsenal. My excitement continues to elevate as I learn this growing form of new art medium.

Please feel free to browse my designs. You can visit my contact page and send me a message. For more information on my work history, you can download my resume. Thank you for your time.

- Inaki